Workshop: Recycling Plastic in Jabal Al-Baba

This morning, the people of the Pope Mount gathered and agreed to prepare a workshop for recycling the plastic containers, and then they started planning and preparing to begin with it. First, they collected the right tools and materials such as paint and brushes of different sizes. Second, the children collected plastic bottles and stacked them. Thirdly, they prepared the area where the workshop was held, which was in the Tent of Hospitality, so they organized the tables and chairs, and then participants put on protective clothing. Finally, everyone began to take the bottles and form and color them in their own way and added their personal and distinctive designs. Everyone was enjoying their time, sharing smiles and laughs, discussing and giving advise on which colors that should be used and blended together, and then they started ranking their beautiful art, and who made the most beautiful one.

The purpose of this workshop was to integrate the love for clean environment and the love that the people of the Pope Mount have for sharing their time and holidays with each other. We thank all participants in the workshop, and we commend them for the excellent workshop results.


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