This is the new occupation strategy to pressure Bedouins out of their land

Very important announcement- Today, we are going to expose the lies that the occupation are telling in order to deceive the Bedouin communities in Jerusalem and harm them.

The Israeli occupation forces, through the Civil Administration, distributed a “request for a residential alternative” – ​​a photograph is attached to the report- , a “request” aimed at deceiving and harming the residents of the Bedouin communities.

The Israeli occupation forces also lied to the residents of the compound. Civil Administration forces said that signing this request “will protect their position from demolishing their house.” This is a legal request and whoever does not sign it “his house will be demolished.”

These lies will not pass on us, and we reiterate our refusal to deal with the civil administration. We, the residents of the Bedouin communities in Jerusalem, say that we will not leave and will not compromise on one of our rights.

We ask all our Palestinian people to be careful, and here we have to emphasize that the Palestinian citizen is not forced to sign any document submitted by the occupation, and every Palestinian should refuse to sign any document distributed by the occupation and should not be distracted or pay any attention to it.

Finally, if any of our people feels stressed and threatened by the Civil Administration, we will help you communicate with reliable and experienced lawyers to support you.

Again, do not sign!

Please publish and circulate so that this message can reach the home of every Palestinian.

Political awareness is essential at this stage in the history of our people, and our responsibility requires us to spread this awareness.

# We_shall_remain

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