The occupation once again stands against the second Kindergarten in Jabal Al-Baba

At the Pope Mount we plant our dreams like we plant trees and we grow them and take care of them with love and hope. Our children’s dream was to have a kindergarten where they can gather, learn, sing and play; so the people decided to plant the seed of the children’s dream and started collecting whatever they had. Everybody contributed, no matter how little they had, just like all the large trees that grow from small seeds.

About a year a go, on a beautiful sunny day, all the families came together and started working to turn their children’s dream into a reality. With the simplest tools and wood panels, the kindergarten was built. Even though it wasn’t much, it meant everything for the children, and even though it wasn’t beautiful, hearing the children’s laughs was the most beautiful.

However, the news spread quickly, and the Mountain’s Monster ” the occupation” came quickly and destroyed the children’s dream because that’s what monsters do. We even tried to cover the walls of the kindergarten with the flags of the free countries in the world, as a desperate attempt to prevent the occupation from destroying it, but it was no use.

The children were devastated, and the sadness in their eyes was clear. They were looking forward to spend the summer together in their own Kindergarten, but unfortunately their dream didn’t last long.

After few months, the Italian institution adopted the idea, and there was hope to rebuild the kindergarten. The children were so happy and inpatient that the couldn’t wait for it to finish. A week ago, we announced that the construction of the kindergarten was finished, and that we were planning to build a playground in front of it, and the children were very excited. But once again, with a heavy heart we tell you, the Mountain’s Monster came back,  it threatened the people of the Pope Mount that it is going to demolish the kindergarten and few of the houses around it, that is if the people don’t disassemble the kindergarten themselves. We were left with no choice but to comply to the occupation’s demands, which means that our children’s dream has to be destroyed yet again.

Now we are left with assembling the broken pieces of our children’s hearts, and have many unanswered questions for them.

Why does our childhood dream of having a kindergarten has to be over so soon?


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