The First Aid Course for Women in Jabal Al Baba

We are pleased to announce that the first aid course has successfully been completed today, and certificates were distributed to the participants who received a distinction in all the subjects and the training they underwent. Where the women of the Pope Mount met with specialized trainers from the Italian Union to learn how to deal with critical situations, which need quick intervention to save the injured person. And the topics that were discussed in the course are how to behave in cases of fainting, burns and stings, how to deal with the patient and calm down him down in order not to worsen the situation, and how to prevent various injuries and maintain public safety. The course was a total of 10 meetings, which started in 14/11/2017 and ended in 9/1/2018.

We would like to send our special thanks to the coaches who have done a great job in training the women of the Pope Mount, and we want to congratulate all the participants for completing the entire course.



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