The Council of Settlements forms groups of settlers to pursue the Bedouin in Area E1

The Israeli government gave the Council of Settlements the green light for the settlers to go after the Bedouin in the area called E1, in order to pressure them into leaving, because they are standing in they way of the expansion of settlements. However, this brutal enemy does not know that in all communities our position is clear, we will not leave and will not accept any alternative. The attitude that the Pope Mount people used to face these outrageous methods that the occupation has carried out in the last two years, is remarkable. There were over 21 demolitions and they broke into their houses over 50 times, and still it didn’t intimidate the people in the Pope Mount and the Abu Al Nowar community.

The Pope Mount wants to send their gratitude to the National Authority, which has not abandoned the Pope Mount and provided support through all its ministries, specially the the Ministry of Wall and Settlements, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Affairsز

Stay safe and never give up.


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