The Canadian Parliament visit to Jabal Al Baba

This morning, the representative of the Pope Mount Atallah Mazarah welcomed the 17 members of the Canadian Parliament, who were greeted at the Bedouin hospitality tent. The representative of the gathering gave a full explanation of the suffering that the inhabitants of the Pope Mount have to endure on a daily basis, and then talked about the most difficult challenges and the uphill battles they have to face, such as confronting the ongoing demolitions in the community.

The members of parliament expressed their solidarity with the residents of the Pope Mount and strongly condemned the practices of the occupation against them. And then the representative of the group took them on a tour around the area and explained the history of the region and the ambitions that they inspire to reach, on improving the community and and the living conditions for the better, and ended the tour with heartfelt goodbyes, and promising to visit again in the near future.


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