The Agricultural Work Committees & NPA Delegation’s Visit to Jabal Al-baba

On Monday, march the 27th, our Bedouin community of Jabal al Baba in presence of the mayor of Azariya, received a visit from the Agricultural Work Committees accompanied with the NPA Delegation, which included representatives from Norwegian Council of Agricultural affairs. The visit was composed of members of the Norwegian center party, Norwegian parliament members ,Workers Union and the farmers Union. They were given a tour inside the Bedouin Community of Jabal Al-baba,  and discussed specific issues concerning the bedouin economy today, and especially after it was affected by the restrictions on movement and land confiscation, which created a lack of land for our agricultural centered community. And our diminished possibility to live from our agriculture and animals, as we rely on grazing sheeps for a living. We also had the occasion to welcome our guests based on  our Bedouin tradition in our Hospitality tent and to share a Zarb Dinner, one of our traditional meals cooked underground in wood coal.

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