Delivering water and repairing the water line.
ACF rooms project.
Reform Houses of the people living in the community project.
Heating system project.
Summer camps (three years).
Distribution of food parcels.
Distributing bed covers and blankets.
Veterinary Clinic.
Food aid from the governorate and the agency.
Electricity and road rehabilitation project.
Weekly Health Clinic.
School bags.
Building the mosque.
Establishment of the Committee's headquarters.
Tourist project Bedouin hospitality tent.
Many documentary films about the community and many theatrical works.
Photography course
12 children between 10 and 15 years old were given cameras where they were able to document the Israeli violations and collect about 120000 pictures of the community.
License for the Mount Pope services - Foundation.
Women's embroidery project.
Women's Food Processing Project.
Regulating and protecting the family course for women.
A session with the World Health Organization (WHO)
The session aimed to detect the effects of the incursions and the demolitions that targeted the community.
Organizing Bedouin heritage events.
Structural map of the Mount of the Pope.
Women meeting with Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture.
The distribution of fodder to farmers in the Pope Mount.
Restoration of the road leading to the community.
Kinder-garden project with a playground.
The construction of sleeping tents for tourists.


Organizing a cinematic show for children.
Conduct an annual summer camp
Conduct an annual summer camp (the Knights of the Desert at the Pope Mount).
We Shall Remain
Write (we shall remain) with the people of the community.
Celebrating Earth Day every year.
Supporting Palestinian Prisoners
Supporting Palestinian Prisoners and bringing their sons to the community.
Preparing Iftar for people
Preparing ifttar for the people of the community during the month of Ramadan.
Welcoming diplomatic delegations
Welcoming diplomatic delegations continuously and explaining the struggles that the people of the Pope Mount have to face every day.
Lighting up the Christmas tree
Lighting up the Christmas tree in the Vatican City inside the Pope Mount, in cooperation with the Prime Minister.
Support the Pope Mount
Conducting the Indigenous people’s day with Al Quds University.
Celebrating the Palestinian Heritage Day
Celebrating the Palestinian Heritage Day and inviting all the institutions in Jerusalem and presenting their products in the hospitality tent at the Pope Mount.
Welcoming many members of the parliament, consuls and ambassadors of neighboring countries.
Welcoming many supporters and taking care of them.