Our message from the Pope Mount to the world

We want to welcome all of you. Here at the Pope Mount, we send you our best regards and hope that your day will be amazing, wherever you are and whenever you read this.

Every person on this planet has an aim and a message that he wants to convey to as many people as possible. And each one of us fights for their goals, aspirations and rights, and persists in order to reach them. Hence the message of the Pope Mount community, expressing our desire to obtain freedom, basic rights, and to realize our dreams, where there is  this huge obstacle with this angry guard who oppresses everyone who opposes his way. However, Palestinians will never surrender to this harsh reality, and since the day we were born, we faced challenges and stood against them with determination, because the love for Palestine has conquered our hearts. So, we were taught from a really young age, that we have to breathe only the air of Palestine, we should only think of Palestine, and our hearts  beat only for Palestine, that is the way we can stand in the face of the occupier and whatever they do, Palestine will never vanish.

The children, women and men of the Pope Mount will continue their lives, they will keep on learning, working, laughing  and playing despite the difficult conditions and challenges that the occupation sends in the direction of their path of hope and freedom. And we will stay here to complete the course of our lives and we will continue to protest and stand tall.

In this video we will portray a part of the life of the Palestinians in the Pope Mount and we hope that our message is clear and has implanted some strength in you to face the challenges in your lives with the same determination.

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