Jabal al Baba community is supporting the Bedouin community of Al Khan Al-Ahmar

Since yesterday, the Israeli army is in the Bedouin community of Al Khan Al-Ahmar preparing the demolition of all the houses and the school. The Jabal al baba community is here to support them !! We will not leave their side.

Today, they came early to start the evacuation of the people; they are still preparing everything in order to trow away the Bedouin form their land. The Israeli think the land is theirs because the community is located in E1 area. But Palestinian live on this land since long time ago and the Israeli have no right on it.  They steal the lands of the Palestinians to appropriate them. This is occupation, this is colonization and it’s against the human right and the international laws.

Us, as Palestinians, we will never surrender and we will continue to stand against the occupation to make our human rights triumph. We are not afraid and we are ready to fight, peacefully, until the end. And we now that we are not alone. Many international are with us, like today, in  Al Khan Al-Ahmar. There are fighting with us, for our right because they know  that what happen here; in Palestinian; it’s not right. As us, they are not afraid, three of them have been arrested this morning by the Israeli army because there were trying to defend the land of the Palestinian. We call on all supporters of freedom all over the world to join us in stopping the bulldozers, by your physical presence of by your words! Wherever you are, you can help us to raise our voices so that they are heard by all. Israel can try to take our land and our life but they can’t take our heart. It will always be Palestinian and no matter what happens, we will remains !

Thank to all of you !

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