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I was in jabab al

I was in jabab al baba for a week-end. I had a warm welcome with Atala ! I was enthousiastic to meet the people of the community, and even had the occasion to share a dinner with them. I learned a lot about the bedouins and the needs and issues of this community. I recommend everyone to get there, you will have an amazing time, plus the community needs international support.

Florence badetti

I went in Jabal Al

I went in Jabal Al Baba many times, and I was always welcomed as a queen by Atalah and his family! Jabal Al Baba is a beautiful and peaceful place were I discovered so much about the Palestinian and Bedouin cultures! I hardly recommend you to visit them, and I am sure you will fall in love with the community!

Marie de Maistre

Marie de Maistre

Dear Atala and family,

I am so glad to be back at your mountain! You have done a great work, and I an really looking foward to see you continue and finalize all your fantastic plans ! I will be back, and can’t wait to see how it will look like then. Remember I will always believe in you end your family, take care !

Love from Juliane


Dear Atalla,

Thank you so much for everything ! You and your family is everything for me. Inshallah we will meet again> I wish you good luck with all your projects ! I will come back and help you with the buildinqds !

Best wishts,


Hi !

Thank you for having us !

It s been so nice to get to know you. We have had a wonderful time here with you. You are fantastic. We will tell your story to our friends in Norway! Keep on with all your good work !



Thanks for receiving the consulate general of Swenden in Jerusalem here today. Interesting discussions. Fine to see all the children at the summer camp

Consul General
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These are some opinions and words by our friends, supporters and visitors