About Jabal Al-Baba

The Pope Mount is located east of Jerusalem between Maale Adumim settlement and the town of Al Eizariya. This community houses 57 families, nearly 300 people, mostly children. This assembly was named after the Pope of the Vatican visited the area in ​​1964, where there is a 36-acres of land for the Vatican.
The residents of this community live on 2400 acres, who depend on livestock and agriculture for their lifestyle and have their own customs and traditions. This is a complementary element of the Palestinian economy in providing dairy and meat products, textile, embroidery and handicrafts to the Palestinian markets.
However, the Israeli occupation is trying to blur their identity through the confiscation of land and the building of settlements and roads, which leads to the reduction of livestock due to the lack of pasture, being surrounded by a settlement wall and the demolition of houses constantly, and that doesn’t only robs the soil of their lands but the symbol of soil in their lives as well.
We invite you to Visit the Pope Mount, to experience how the people in the region live, learn about the Bedouin community and to support them spiritually and emotionally. This will enable us to stay on this land and maintain our customs and traditions. We welcome you from wherever you are.

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