A Visit from Al-Quds University’s Legal Clinic to Jabal Al-Baba

The Legal Clinic at Al-Quds University, represented by Dr. Munir Nusseibeh and Dr. Osama Al-Rishq, in partnership with the Dean of Al-Quds Bard College Dr. Dan Terris, visited the Bedouin community in Jabal Al-baba with A judge in the International Criminal Court, as she confirmed that the International Human Rights Law , and the International Humanitarian Law guarantees the right of indigenous peoples to live in peace, while preserving the Bedouin lifestyle. The gusts took a tour inside the Bedouin Community, to learn about the history and suffering of this particular Bedouin community, along with other communities in the area of East Jerusalem, by emphasizing on the right of housing as equal human beings, through supporting their steadfastness on the ground.

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