A Palestinian-Bedouin Delegation Participates in International Meetings about Preventing Forced Displacement

A Palestinian delegation representing the Bedouin community in Jabal Al-Baba including Atallah Mazarah, the head of the Pope Mount Services Committee, Hasan Mazarah, the administrator of the youth file in Bedouin communities and Baghdad Fataftah, the administrator for the women file in Bedouin communities, accompanied by Fadi Karaan, the director of campaigns for the Avaz movement in Palestine, has been visiting many cities like, Brussels, Hague and Rome during the past few days, in order to raise the voice of the Bedouin communities in European countries.

The delegation from Palestine began by meeting another delegation from the Middle East Affairs Office in the European Union, Mrs. Mughrini from the External Relations Representative Office, and officials responsible for the Palestinian and Zionists file in the Department of Foreign Relations, where the Palestinian delegation explained the violations that were committed by the occupation in Jerusalem. They also highlighted many sensitive issues including the importance of preventing the entry of settlement products into European markets, the importance of holding the occupation accountable in front of the international criminal court for its countless violations against international law. In addition to that, the delegation encouraged the European role to stand against these violations and support the struggles that the Bedouin communities in Jerusalem has to face everyday.

The representative of the Middle East and Palestine Office in the European Union expressed his total rejection of the demolition and forced displacement policies against the Palestinians. He emphasized that he will follow up this file closely and convey the message of the Bedouin communities. The representative has also stressed that the displacement of the Palestinians from their land is a line that must not be crossed. Finally, He discussed with the delegation how to support their cause and their right to stay on their land.

The delegation also met with parliamentarians from Europe, Belgium, and France, who expressed their intention to visit the families in the region to show their solidarity and to stand against the settlement and displacement policies. The delegation also visited the Palestinian embassy in Hague with the Ambassador Rawan Suleiman, who encouraged the importance of conveying the voice of Palestinians in all forms and explained to the delegation the political circumstances in the Netherlands and the role of the embassy.

It is worth mentioning that this visit aims to escalate popular Palestinian advocacy to convey the Palestinian voice and their demands to the international forums and to the world leaders directly, as part of the Avaz campaigns to protect Jerusalem, help the Bedouin communities stand against the occupation plans to block the holy city with settlements and support the Palestinian resistance movement against Trump’s decision.

The visit also included:
– Meeting with the European Humanitarian Aid Office to discuss the best ways to activate humanitarian aid to encourage the Bedouins and Palestinians living in Jerusalem in their persistence to stay on their land and defend their rights.
– Meeting with the European Parliaments.
– Meeting with the Office of Development and Relations “Europe’s Neighbors” to discuss the role of building economic relations with Palestine and imposing penalties on companies and countries that violate human rights.
– Encounters with legal and human rights organizations advocating basic human rights for the Palestinians.
– Meeting with the Belgian Foreign Ministry
– Meeting with Dutch institutions that supports Palestinians rights.

“We will soon return to Palestine after delivering our message about Jerusalem and the Bedouin communities to the strong political and economic parties in Europe. We will also be returning with a new strategic plan and with friendly allies who share our believes and thoughts, who will work with us to prevent displacement and the siege around Jerusalem by the settlements,” said Atallah Mazarah, the head of the Pope Mount Services Committee

And Fadi Karaan, the director of campaigns for the Avaz movement in Palestine, adds “Palestinians’s diplomacy has succeeded in gaining the hearts and minds of all the parties who met with the delegation. The leaders and institutions have expressed their disbelieve to what the occupation and how much its actions have affected  Palestinians. It was the first time these parties have met with Palestinian families who are fighting and suffering because of the occupation. They told us that the Palestinians struggles and stories that we have heard has touched their hearts, and it will motivate them on finding ways to put an end to all the suffering caused by the occupation more effectively, and that they will continue this journey until the occupation retreats and Jerusalem is finally free”.


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