A Palestinian Bedouin delegation meets with the French Foreign Ministry in Paris

Palestinian diplomacy to save Jerusalem and prevent the displacement of Bedouin communities surrounding it.

Paris, 20th of April 2018 – During the past few days, a group of Palestinians representing Jabal Al-Baba has visited France. The group included Atallah Mazarah, coordinator of the Pope Mount Protection Committee, Hasan Mazarah, the administrator of the youth file in Bedouin communities and Baghdad Fataftah, the administrator for the women file in Bedouin communities, accompanied by Fadi Karaan, the director of campaigns for the Avaz movement in Palestine.

The delegation began their tour by meeting the official of the Middle Eastern file and the official representative of the Palestinian file in the French government, at the French Foreign Ministry. The delegation explained to them the violations perpetrated by the occupation in the Jerusalem area, they also presented their views to the French officials whom they met.

The delegation focused on the importance of preventing the entry of settlement products into French markets, the importance of pushing the International Criminal Court to punish the occupation and hold them accountable for their actions and violations, and the need to strengthen the French role in facing the violations of the occupation and support the Palestinian resistance movement in Jerusalem and the Bedouin communities.

The French government expressed its total rejection of the demolition and forced displacement policies, and promised to follow up this issue closely. It also stressed that the displacement of the Palestinian population from the area is still a red line and discussed with the delegation the best ways to strengthen the perseverance of the people to stay on their land.

It is worth mentioning that this visit aims to escalate the Palestinian advocacy in order to convey the voice of the Palestinians and their demands, to the international forums and world leaders directly, as part of the Avaz campaign to protect Jerusalem and rescue the Bedouin communities in the face of the occupation efforts to Besiege the holy city with settlements, and support the resistance led by the Palestinian youth against Trump’s decision.

The visit included a meeting with the French organizations network for Palestine, that represents 42 institutions. A discussion of the steps that will lead for the French government to initiate their role in strengthening the relations and communications between the communities as part of the rebuilding of destroyed houses projects, and coordinate visits with members of the French Parliament to the region, so that they can witness with their own eyes, the occupation policies.  Also the French parliamentarians and the French press were contacted in order to create a link Between residents of the region and the French public opinion.

The delegation met with the Deputy Ambassador of Palestine in France, Dr. Nasser Jadallah, and briefed him on the situation in the Pope Mount. The embassy expressed its readiness to unify and expand the Palestinian diplomatic efforts in facing settlements to protect the city of Jerusalem and surrounding communities.

The group ended their tour by meeting some members of Avaz in France, where more than 100,000 French people from approximately 881,000 people from all over the world, signed a petition to protect Jerusalem and the the Pope Mount community.

Then next week, The delegation will visit Belgium to meet with representatives of the European Union in Brussels and officials of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will also visit several other European capitals and meet with officials from various international institutions in order to encourage them to move towards hold the occupation responsible for its crimes, especially the Civil Minister Yoav Mordechai and Defense Minister Lieberman, who are responsible for the policy of forced displacement.

Fadi Qaraan, director of the Avaz Campaign in Palestine, said: “The people of the Pope Mount have succeeded in capturing the hearts and minds of the people whom they have met with through their sincerity and belief in the justice of their cause. Here the Palestinian diplomacy has proved its capability and we will complete this journey together until the occupation is defeated, and the Palestinian case has regained its place among all the nations around the world. ”

Atallah Mazarah, coordinator of the Pope Mount Protection Committee, said, “Our message to the occupation is clear, we will not stop resisting, we will not abandon our land and we will pursue it in all parts of the world.”


For more information, you can contact:

Fadi Karaan, Director of Avaz Campaigns in Palestine, Jabal Al-Baba,
Email: fadi@avaaz.org, Mobile: 00970597599446

Attallah Mazarah, The Pope Mount representative, Jabal Al-Baba,
Email: info@jabalalbaba.com, Mobile: 00972595982639



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