A new visit of the occupant

Intrigued by the development work we are doing on the ground of our community, Israeli soldiers came to Pope’s Mountain, owned by the Vatican, this morning around 10am. They asked questions of the representative of the community, Atallah Jahalin about the new constructions that we create, questioning their legality. According to the terms of the occupation, our land is located in area C, and is therefore under Israeli control. They forbid us to build new gathering places or new houses, wanting to take possession of our land to extend the colony next to our village. The soldiers and their representative, as usual, came to inspect all our facts and gestures, controlling our actions and our lives.

But we will never stop fighting for our rights and whatever happens we will continue to defend our land. That’s why we decided to try again, to realize the dream of our children, by building a kindergarten and a center for women. And we can tell you that the construction is progressing well, and should be finished in a week. Community members are all excited about having a workspace for women and a place where our children can gather to study and have fun.


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