The Opening of the New Women’s Center and the Jabal Al Baba Kindergarten for the Second Time

Despite the difficulties we encountered during the preparation of the first kindergarten of the Pope Mount Pope and after the occupation has issued an order to demolish it, we did not give up. Actually, that only ignited the fuse of determination that made us focus on the important goal we are aiming for, and directed us to continue what we started. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the opening of the new Pope Mount kindergarten and the new women’s center next to it.

We are still working on building the playground in front of the kindergarten so that the children can play and enjoy their break time between classes. And the project is expected to be completed as soon as we provide the playground equipment and building materials. We are working with all what we have to achieve this before the start of the new semester in September. We hope that all the residents of the Pope Mount and neighboring communities will share this achievement and look forward to the other projects that we aspire to achieve for the children and women in the Pope Mount Pope and the surrounding areas.

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